Elements & Curiosities: Valerie Savarie & Sharon Eisley

Posted by valkarie

Elements & Curiosities will be the forth paired show at Valkarie Gallery for Valerie Savarie and Sharon Eisley.

Savarie working in altered books and Eisley in carved panel oil paintings, this exhibition was created by the exploration of the concept of the four elements - earth, air, fire and water. Examining each element individually in its purest form as well as how they interact with one another, what happens when they are isolated and when all four are combined as a whole. These elements are the building blocks of our world – both beautiful and destructive

Sometimes these elements can produce anomalies that capture our interest to the point of feeling an overwhelming desire to hold and possess - to keep for our very own. For some, these bits and pieces grow from a few objects of interest to entire cataloged collections. These collections reckon back to the Renaissance as well as Victorian era with curiosity cabinets - an actual room rather than a cabinet - which housed a collection of specimens from around the globe that were sometimes genuine artifacts and other times hoaxes.

Both artists will have their own "cabinets" filled with curiosities from nature and ones created from their own minds as well as combinations of the two. These cabinets will remain closed until the night of the opening reception and will then be revealed to the public at a yet to be disclosed time.


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