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Chicano Music Hall of Fame announces 2020 class

Like in so many cultures, music plays a vital connective and communicative role in Chicano life. That music has been honored since 2002 at Su Teatro’s Chicano Music Hall of Fame, and now there’s …

What are we afraid of? Sit down and grieve

It's not the pandemic, or viral partisanship, or even revealed racism. Rather, we're in an epidemic of being afraid of loss. What am I going to lose today? My freedom to walk down the street with a …
Craig Marshall Smith

For those in the middle, America is like dodgeball

One of Steve Allen’s regular comedy routines was reading letters to the editor the way he imagined the writers wrote them: angry. He’d sit at his desk wearing an upturned fedora with a press card …

Transforming the way we live, work and play

If you have been venturing out into public to run errands, to shop, or to dine in or take out, you have probably become very familiar with these words: welcome; wait; watch; and thank you. Many …

Michael Norton

Pandemic purpose, passion, performance

What happens when our “get-up-and go” has gotten up and went? That's a question many of you have been asking in one way or another.
Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Believe experts about masks

Believe experts about masks I read with deep concern and disappointment that the Mayor of Littleton chose not to support a mandate for wearing face masks. The article talked about how council members …

Letter to the editor: Thank you, Governor Polis

Thank you, Governor Polis Thank you Governor Polis for issuing the statewide mask order. Although it will not ensure 100% compliance, studies have shown it can increase compliance by 8% to 16%. I’d …

Letter to the editor: Don’t obscure Antifa tactics

Don’t obscure Antifa tactics This weekend I watched with sadness as Antifa “protesters” turned on Coloradans with violence. Regular folks from around the state peacefully gathered at the sixth …

Letter to the editor: Delegation should back vaccine work

Delegation should back vaccine work My father has been battling stage four prostate cancer for a long time, which unfortunately has metastasized to his lungs. Because of this, he is extremely high …

Letter to the editor: Lock up coronavirus rule-breakers

Lock up coronavirus rule-breakers Gathering in crowds, without face coverings or distancing, is just plain criminal! Such actions risk not only the health and lives of those who do so. Many others …
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